Contact us!

For any additional information, feedback, request, thought-provoking statement and bribes, we are avalaible as our Second Life avatars , Vicki Concertina and Katina Cazalet. Offline IMs are not a problem as we both receive them – in fact we prefer those to NCs!
You may send us also messages through the respective flickr accounts.

Here’s Vicki on Flickr ,

here’s Katina on Flickr.

We value collaborations with the artists, and a motivated person may get a little bump ahead in our schedule. The gallery has a special focus on artists who haven’t had a chance to hold prior exhibitions, but if you have themes to suggest for an exhibit, a project underway who could use an in-world gallery showcase, and/or original work, by all means let us known, and we could make it happen at Gemini.