Visit us at Portocorvo!

The sim is located here:

The town of Portocorvo, a beacon in the dark to the lost, the forgotten, and the depraved. Perhaps at one point in time Portocorvo was a thriving community or perhaps it has always been as it now appears, a post-apocalyptic desolation. The history of the town is unknown, but its existence is all that matters.

There are some who seek out Portocorvo to explore their dark secrets, to be temporary guests in search of answers the town may or may not provide. Others seek it out to call home, to take up residence in the comforting confines of a place that understands and caters to their inner desires. And finally, there are those unlucky souls who are brought to Portocorvo by chance or not, to be claimed as victims to a forever hungry beast whose perverse pleasure is to feed on the innocent.

After all, the town whose name translates as Port of Crows is not a place to be underestimated no matter how you may wind up inside of its walls.

Those who are daring enough to try and take home a piece of the city’s semblance may as well share it on the Flickr Group. You may find kindred spirits in there, or tales of unfathomable depravity. Perhaps both: seldom the innocent sets foot on the city’s soil, and they do not keep that quality for long.
Portocorvo has also a website. Don’t freak out when I tell you that you are already in it, please.  That’s Port of Crows for you. It sneaks up on you and you are entangled in its presence before you realize it.

It may not seem like it, but for being a town with rather elusive residents, Portocorvo has a bustling night life. There is a regular party schedule with several surprises thrown into the mix. Look for the black boards with the Gemini sign and join the update in-world group. It does not take a group slot, and only sends you the odd notification about particular events.

Enjoy your stay. As the town motto exhorts, “Stay here, forever”.