New Exhibition: Annielle Destiny

We are moving towards the end of the year, with two more exhibitions to go – oh but we do have some surprises in store, stay tuned! Our penultimate artist in our official rotation opens tonight November 14th at 8 PM SLT, and it’s the lovely Annielle Destiny !

Annielle entered the world of erotic arts not much longer than a year ago, and she already made enough of an impact to be worthy of a gallery feature. There’s never a dull moment with her but she’s a true professional: she’s bubbly, she’s a smexy kitten who knows when to lick and when to scratch and purr, but first and foremost she is a driven artist who keeps honing her craft. Throughout her ongoing Body Language series, Anni finds new ways every time to let you hear the body talk ( she’s not shy about getting physical!) through expressive pictures under a trademark dramatic lighting. The new photos she contributes to the gallery were devised following the concept and add more tiles to mosaic of this sultry suite. You will find on display several photos showing the playful and adventurous side of her, chronicling her adventures in the world of erotica.

I mean, there’s butt cleavage and sideboob in the poster, it has to be good, right? So, join us tonight at 8 PM SLT! We’ll party at the galleries with a very sleepy Annikins and have a good time sharing stories, admiring art, doing the all-around crazy stuff we do…with the beautiful tunes of the ever gorgeous DJ Zuby G̵l̵o̵o̵m̵ Bloom!

Halloween Party and Costume Contest!

Porn and Halloween… Seems to go together quite nicely don’t you think? Considering that fact that it is the perfect time of the year for us to acceptably dress as sluts out in public, I’d say yes!! And by the way, men can dress slut-ily too (we’ve seen it, it’s true!)!

Gemini has the perfect way for us all to celebrate and that is with a party at a brand-new never before seen spooky party location! We promise you a naughty filled time and some may even give out treats (and not just of the candy variety 😉 )!

We will also have a COSTUME CONTEST with CASH PRIZES, so show us your fashion talents!!

Our sexy enchantress, DJ Zuby, will be spinning the tunes!

Come join us 8PM SLT today, October 30th!

Location: Moon/128/141/666


New Exhibition: Brodie Cole

Time to feature another artist at Gemini, and for this month we are delighted to showcase a proud Texan and a true gentleman who knows when to return panties to a lady – no really, there’s a story about that . Join us tonight October 10th at 8 PM SLT for a gala featuring the artwork of one Brodie Cole!

Brodie brings to the table a great look and versatility in themes: he’s very much of a team player with strong friendships, a gorgeous and equally talented partner in crime and an eye to showcase models both in glam shots and ‘in the act’. And when he focuses on himself, he is quite believable both as a smart- dressing high roller and as a ruggedly handsome fella who could have easily just gotten out of a tractor – or a Drakkar longship! We have entertained the idea to organize an exhibition with him before the summer, and  then settled for October to match his birthday month – which seems to be a trend for several artists! Trust me, if you want to have an unforgettable birthday party you should consider it: much better than doing it at McDonald’s and having to deal with junk food and creepy clowns.

Join us tonight at 8 PM SLT to admire Brodie in several new , never seen before shots and a selection of flickr work – each with some fun stories you will hear from him, I am sure – and the tunes of the wonderful Zuby Gloom, as per tradition.

New Exhibition: Carter Holloway

On this last week of summer (at least that’s what the calendar says!) we have another very special display for you. Our new artist for September brings us a whole gallery’s worth of original, exclusive photos part of a concept exhibition. Come to Gemini tonight September 19th at 8 PM SLT and witness the light and the darkness in Carter Holloway‘s art!

Ever since his debut in the world of pornography, involving mostly ovine co-stars, Carter has built a reputation based on the complete lack of morals, an ego inversely proportional to his penis size (the camera adds about 10 pounds and 6 inches) and most notably his questionable personal hygiene, something that might explain ( but not justify) the fact that most people appearing in his pictures have to undergo deep sedation during the procedure . We could go on for hours narrating stories about Carter, especially those already featured on Dateline, but we’d rather  keep going at it during the party later tonight, so you really don’t wanna miss this one!

Okay, in all  seriousness: Carter is one of the funniest people you can have the pleasure to work with, with his constant taste for banter and unique brand of self-deprecating humor that just begs to be fed, knowing fully well that since his positive qualities are so many, it’s less boring to make up some rather silly bad ones. We are truly honored that he chose to bring his work to the gallery committing to a full display of originals, which he started creating based on the concept of duality: about half of the artwork he created shows his good, ‘light’ side – as good as this naughty boy can be at least! – while in the other half he gets to show an edge in several unique ways, through some rather dark imagery.

Join us tonight at 8 PM SLT: meeting artists at these opening is always fun, but I suspect this is gonna be quite a ball. The roast, I mean, the exhibition will be dj’d by our lovely Zuby Gloom. Don’t miss out!

New Exhibition: Katya Ansia

After our very busy July, we are taking a break in August…NOT, of course. We have a new artist debuting with an exhibition, and her work is surely worth it . We are proud to announce for today August 15th at 8 PM SLT the opening of a gallery show featuring Katya Ansia.

When we talked to Katya in late Spring for a solo exhibition – she previously only contributed with her exquisite photography to collective efforts – she came up with an idea ridiculously simple and yet quite stimulating. We have been always happy to blend new exclusive creations with a showcase of their established body of work but, as you know, numerous photographers feel compelled to put on the walls exclusively original photos. It has everything to do with inspiration and an organic artistic vision, and sometimes the love for a challenge. Or we’ve just been extra lucky, who knows! The drawback -for them- is that it is time consuming, which forces the artist to go ‘silent’ on Flickr for weeks sometimes. Katya’s intuition was brilliant: she has been working for this gallery all along these past weeks, but you did not notice it. She created photos with the exhibition in mind, published some…but what you have seen on Flickr, was just the beginning of several photosets. Ta-dah!

Join us today at 8 PM SLT to experience what you saw just a hint of on flickr: photos you may already have seen and fave’d reach a whole new dimension of sensuality and eroticism with the sets they were were always meant to be part of. Our Sexiest® DJ-ane Zuby Gloom will bring her tunes for another gallery show that hopefully will stimulate you in more ways than one.

As for now, knocking on wood, we have a full line-up of artists for the year, but we have several other art-related initiatives – and things in SL keep being very fluid, so we are always open to your suggestions and art related proposals. Well, other type of proposals too, wink wink?

Movie Party @ Gemini : Quarantena

It’s been a while since we had the pleasure to host one of these: a Movie Premiere party! Today, Saturday July 18th, join us around 7:15 PM SLT for the first ever screening of the awesome new movie by Mitzy Broadway, “Quarantena”. A Filthy Penny Production (gee Mitzy and Max, wash that penny sometime), this adult movie shot in SL and featuring the professional voicework from Rysan Fall (and several very professional sounding assorted moans) is set in the testing times we live in: Quarantena in italian means exactly what you’d expect, “quarantine”, and it deals with relationships – of the physical kind you’d expect in a p0rn, but not just! – with the confinement dictated by the sanitary rules.


Vicki and I were especially thrilled to get a full tour of the African wilderness for it. In fact, we didn’t get to see much past our bungalow, but we made our sojourn as wild as possible. DJ Zuby will begin playing her tunes at 8 PM as usual, but we’ll start welcoming guests at 7:15 PM for the premiere – the movie is 40 minutes long and we want to give you the chance to follow it.


Don’t worry about the rules: at the Quarantena Resort every intimate contact is safe and in fact recommended!

New Exhibition: Isla Grace

July will be a month hot in every way here at Gemini! It is shaping up to be one of the busiest months in the life of the sim, with many exciting events. Speaking of shapely and exciting, join us today July 11th at 9 PM (yes that is one hour later than usual) for the opening show of our newest artist Isla Grace.

Our first exposure to Isla’s gorgeous photography was years ago on SL Unplugged, the premiere quarterly adult magazine on the grid. Isla has been a driving force behind it for a long time (check the July issue!), and her contributions are not the kind you easily forget even at first sight. Displaying with no prudery well made sexual photos has always been a mission statement for our choices as gallery curators, and Isla shows the carnality of the act with unique…grace if you will.  Isla is charming in every way – as the many visitors of her successful sim Mature Doggers will tell you- and excels at capturing the beauty of a natural woman, through her words in the magazine articles, her craft as shapemaker and of course her pictures. This exhibition will feature different sides of her photography through work that is either all new and exclusive to Gemini – including several of her raunchiest work with some rather hot guys – or has been picked for display at Isla’s own art gallery. You will find some of her more stylized work she experimented there, along with the patented cheeky pin-ups that make her so relatable and fun.

Join us tonight at 9 PM (remember, that’s one hour later than our norm!) for a fun time with Isla herself, the sexy, curvy and multitalented DJ Zuby Gloom, and prepare for much more to come this month!


New Exhibition: Salathiell

What’s in store for the month of June? A new exhibition of course! And of the kind that thrills us  the most: someone debuting and that honored our gallery with a show of all-new, never seen before photos, made especially for the occasion. Let’s gather tonight June 20th at 8 PM SLT for a show by Salathiell!

Sala has been a regular partygoer at our Gemini events and others from the Sexiest group. In our book she always stood out for her look and physicality, which she tends to underplay – never as much as she underplays her talents though! Sala has a very humble attitude, and does not carry herself like the artist we knew she is. We had chances before to admire her aptitude for posemaking, just to name one of her skills: in a way SL limits her, considering that she has an extensive experience with tools useful in digital art that can’t be ported directly due to SL’s way to handle (or not handle at all!) industry standards.  We ended up getting in touch with many more of her talents and quirks – such as the role shadows play! – these past months once she agreed to put herself on display. In this exhibition, with a couple dozen original shots, she shows her range with a variety of approaches, angles and formats – size matters in every position, I tell you! – featuring different models and herself in many sexual, sexy and just plain fun scenes, most of them taken at our own sim.

We’re so happy and flattered to preset another fully original show. We consider it a dedication to the community and hope to continue to present artwork to you in the best possible way, enriching the enjoyment you’d have simply scrolling through shots on Flickr. Join us tonight at 8 PM with Sala, her models and naturally the DJ with the widest smile on the scene, the lovely Zuby Gloom, and let’s have a great party together!

New Exhibition: Cody Takeda

Another thrilling artist joins our lineup this week! We’re so elated about it, the title says it all: don’t miss Saturday May 9th at 8 PM SLT the opening of “Heaven on High”, a new exhibition by Cody Takeda!

The Artist Formerly Known as Aethmorot…nah, not really, he’s always been Cody to everyone, but point is, he’s got a fancy new name from the Labs, he’s expanded on his already jaw-dropping looks, and it was just about time we’d throw an exhibition for him, celebrating one of the most luscious photographers on the scene. A master of colourful atmospheres and sensual monochrome, soft glow and expressive contrast alike, Cody has been working with a broad range of other Flickrites of all genders and genres, and in this new exhibition he’s gonna spring up some surprises alongside some familiar faces (and bodies!) who have been inspiring him throughout his career.

It’s gonna be a wonderful show if we may say so ourselves – gorgeous pictures, and a real parterre de rois of an audience, with DJ Zuby Gloom providing the music: you have to join the show, at 8 PM SLT. Don’t miss out!

New Exhibition: Evangeline Ling

Last time around, I mentioned the unique nature of the current exhibition, Space Opera. Today Saturday April 18th, here we present you another epic tail, I mean tale, but also tail, actually: it is the tale of the Bellisseria squirrel and our photographer for this month Evangeline Ling! Get ready for the party at 8 PM SLT for a rather nutty experience!

These days spending time at home is definitely en vogue, and SL-wise, there’s no place to have a home like Bellisseria! Eva is a happy resident of the newest continent from Linden Labs, the one with all the fancy homes every Premium user wants. Bellisseria is a vibrant community now, not just somewhere with little boxes made out of ticky tacky to log in safely at. It is a gorgeous location with so many proud inhabitants and so much to do and going on!  You can learn a bit more through this link, but you will find that link amongst a few other extra features today at the exhibition – Eva will tour you through the various shooting location with a fun write-up going with each pic. We credit Eva with the idea of this set in full : she pointed out how the opening of the gallery would coincide with the celebration for the first anniversary of the continent, and had the crazy idea to shoot a whimsical adventure with a very simple premise and hilarious consequences as she shows off the beauty of Bellisseria.

So, join us tonight at 8 PM SLT! Both the photographer and the lead model will be there, and our ever wonderful dj Zuby Gloom will provide the tunes for another fun party, and probably one of the craziest and most elaborate exhibitions to set up to date. Boy, the next one will be easier, right?