New Exhibition: Trix

And one more! After last week’s exhibition, today Saturday January 16th we bring a new artist for your enjoyment – and for our own, since she’s absolutely fantastic! At 8 PM SLT, meet us at the galleries for a showcase of new brilliant creations from Trix ! As a famous quote goes, “Life is a … Read more

New Exhibition: The Holsts

In between the various movie premieres and special attractions, this month we do somehow find time also to bring you our regular program! That’s it, it’s time for the Gemini Gallery exhibition of December: and on a day with two two-digit pairs in the date as 12/12/2020 it’s only natural we had an exhibition with … Read more

New Exhibition: Carter Holloway

On this last week of summer (at least that’s what the calendar says!) we have another very special display for you. Our new artist for September brings us a whole gallery’s worth of original, exclusive photos part of a concept exhibition. Come to Gemini tonight September 19th at 8 PM SLT and witness the light … Read more