New Exhibition: Cykes Silver

Got something planned for tonight November 16 at 8 PM? For our penultimate showcase of the year, a real treat with another selection of gorgeous models shot by someone with a keen eye who knows his way around a camera – and pyrotechnics! Just look at the poster! First time a rope is used THAT way in a picture for a Gemini exhibition…

The heroic man from down under Mr. Cykes Silver is one of those artists who often shies away from the spotlight, which makes us twice as proud to be able to feature him and see him bring his photographic A-game to an exhibition like this. 25 original, never seen before pictures with different models amongst the sexiest on the scene, for a variety of shots, situations, and fantasies. Cykes is one of the most amicable and personable individuals you can meet, and you will love the way he highlighted the beauty of his subjects in gorgeous pin-ups and in rather more debaucherous visuals – after all, we love a good guy who is not afraid to spring up in action!

We are seriously beyond honored to see an artist again pull out all the stops to bring an entirely original showcase to our gallery. 2019 will wrap up with the vast majority of exhibitions being new, organic creations. We love the thought that these gallery shows have spurred the artists we admire to become open to the idea of having their work on display in-world for all to enjoy!

Join us for this opening today at 8 PM SLT, featuring the  tunes of the incomparable Sparklebottom Lasertits , the first one amongst our artists to do an all-new exhibition last year, and whose encouragement, example and mechanical-arm prodding greatly helped to reach this result. Enjoy!

New Exhibition: The Biar Witch Project!

It’s time for another exhibition at our gallery! It comes close to the most beloved SL festivity, Halloween, and it’s all in great spooky fun! Therefore, what better way to open it than with a costume party? Let your imagination run wild and be creative as you visit us at 8 PM SLT for the inauguration of Biarzenne Necro‘s Halloween extravaganza, The Biar Witch Project!

The expression “a long time in the making” fits it nicely, I’d say! Perhaps the one we have planned in advance the most. Talking with Biarzenne this spring during one of the many all-new all-original displays we have been so honored and lucky to provide this year, she expressed her interest in doing a themed exhibition as well. And she delivered in style. Even on one leg (she had quite a boo-boo that put her on crutches for the past months. You should come show her sympathy too!). There’s so much to say about this exhibition, but I hope you’ll swing by and find out by yourself: Biar did a conscious effort to give a little bit for every taste, and her Halloween display has a bit of gory and chilling, with plenty hotness because you do know we love erotic artwork! Come on over tonight for some tricks, but plenty treats.

Biar hasn’t just been generous with her artistic performance (which also involved putting her personal touch to the decoration of the gallery, which should motivate you further to visit the installation in-world), but she also chose to contribute out of her bag of goodies to a costume contest for the party ! So come on over at 8 PM SLT and don’t forget to dress up : there will be 2’000 L$ prizes for the best costumes and much more! HaileyMarie Redrose will be playing, and it’s a great occasion to meet the artist and perhaps be a part of future installations. Don’t miss out, even if you don’t have a costume!

New Exhibition: Delia Tafler

We are truly happy and proud to end this summer of parties and fun activities at Gemini with our latest exhibition (obviously happening tonight September 21st at 8 PM SLT). And our featured artist is someone we met only recently, and got an instant crush on her work! We are talking about Delia Tafler.

Delia’s work is just…wow. I mean, everything about her pictures shows what motivated us into inviting for exhibitions photographers who don’t shy away from the explicit. Delia truly thrives on it. The artwork on display here brims with joie de vivre, and truly connects with the viewer besides the obvious titillating features – which are plenty! We have a special predilection for photographers who can pull the viewer into the subject through those astute details in body language that tell a story even when the mise en scene is minimal.

Join us tonight at 8 PM SLT, partying for the opening of this fun and totally NSFW exhibit, with a dozen original photos amongst the flickr selection, and featuring the booze-fueled tunage by Sparklebottom Lasertits. We’re counting on it!

New Exhibition: River Anwyl

The summer is in full swing, and it has been a truly heated one!  And extra-hot is the latest artist debuting at Gemini today, August 10th, at 8 PM SLT. We are happy to showcase erotic work by the sensational River Anwyl!

Traditionally the night of the August the 10th is a night of shooting stars. River is without a doubt a star on the rise: she joined the world of flickr relatively recently but has reached levels of popularity matched by very few other artists who produce SL erotica. An amazing goal, considering that her artwork is often the very antithesis of ‘mainstream’ , and does not pander to the crowd, featuring a rather exhuberant physicality, a look that is quite edgy in its stylish allure, with plenty fashion statements, and often a taste for humor and experiment. She’s not one to play it safe, but has built an amazing following. We love to have the chance to show you a selection from her Flickr plus as usual, new original artwork made for this exhibition.

Join us at Gemini at 8 PM SLT for a great opportunity to meet this Italian artist (not often up at this hour :p) and to party with yet another energetic set by HaileyMarie Redrose.

New Exhibition: Anyka

Oh my, a new exhibition at Gemini? Yes it is that time of the month, and this hot summer brings you something  totally smoldering AND that we have wanted for so long to happen. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome tonight July 13 at 8 PM STL , at a big party Gemini-style the wonderful Anyka Aiséirí. Have I gotten those accents right ? Phew!

This gorgeous poster photo here is a creation by Athena Mariposa of Attention Magazine fame, and was Anyka’s first choice. Athena whisked her away some time ago to take a picture out of pure inspiration after seeing Anyka sport this outfit. I adore the poster because it has it all:  I am fascinated by contrasts, and it truly excites me to have an exhibition so rich in physicality as Anyka’s is – you know how uniquely expressive bodies are in her edits – …and introduce said exhibition with an image of her looking so serene in a field, all tightly laced up in an antique French dress! The dame from another time and the seductress who bares it all, both feel equally Anyka to me. Uniquely charming, elegant and well-read, but with so much to unveil, giving free rein to a vivid imagination we barely scratched the surface of.

Come on over and enjoy this exhibition, with some of Anyka’s classics and several previously unseen pictures, where you’ll see her push further the limits of what her editing skills can do and what sort of lewdness she made happen! At 8 PM SLT, with the party DJ’d being the one and only HaileyMarie Redrose.


Movie Party @ Gemini : Sensual Desires !

A movie party! The kind of event we love to do and would love to do even more on this sim. We’re having one today Friday 14th, with the tunes of DJ HaileyMarie Redrose. The movie screening will begin at 7:30 PM, with the dances opening at 8 PM.

Oh, I should tell you something about the movie itself, right? Ah, there’s so much to say, but I wouldn’t want to repeat myself: I prepared an interview with the debuting director and their partner, debuting producer. You can read it right here.

Okay some may have just recognized the person by her cute butt from this pic, right? Let’s face it, this movie, which involves over 40 individuals and features voice acting. thunderous spanking and hilarious valley girl accents, is one of the best and most memorable events ever happened to the world of adult machinima, and a testament to the special place the director, Rachel Avro, earned in the hearts of many, but also to her ability to organize, together with newfound skills as cinematographer and editor that a student of the game like her picked up almost as she was going. Going for the most ambitious debut video to my memory! And her partner in crime Stacey Lucciano, producer of this flick, has been such a positive influence and essential part of her recent endeavours. We’ll be thrilled to host this party, so, catch you at 7:30 PM for the movie premiere!

New Exhibition: Daxie

Who’s the exhibitionist featured this month ? Find out today, June 8th, at 8 PM SLT !! Okay okay, I am not making you wait that long!

This time it’s the turn of Dax Rahl… I mean, good ol’ Daxie! With, and it is the third in a row and I believe the fifth this year, a whole new, original exhibition! Wowzers!

Daxie is a beloved personality in the ‘porn’ world, and it’s so easy to see why once you know him. He has worked with plenty both as model (you can admire him this month in one of the most inspired sets at the “It’s raining men” exhibition round at Forbidden Fruit) and as photographer. We are truly proud of the interest he expressed in our venue, and he managed to rally a selection of breathtaking beauties worth filling the gallery with! He did it in record time, too, and for sure of all the challenges being gallery curators brings, having suddenly a new batch of exclusive sexiness (you know, the word ‘exclusive’ should be replaced with ‘inclusive’ here! So many hot people involved…) to fit into our plans definitely is one we’d love to have more! We thank Daxie for all the patience and his humble attitude.

We expect him to puff his chest and strut his stuff though at the exhibition tonight! At 8 PM, with HaileyMarie Redrose playing her best retrowave awesomeness. Don’t miss out! The wonderful Trish will be with us in the opposite gallery for another month, and we say bye to Ayela and her so very gorgeous and well thought out exhibition with a bit of a sad eye as it always happens – if you haven’t checked it out yet, bring it on!

New Exhibition: Trisha Rose

And for our monthly gallery feature, another coup we are so proud of. Join us today, May 11th, at 8 PM SLT, to celebrate another oh-so-new display, all original and never-seen-before photos from an artist with a graceful touch that brings pure visual poetry  back from her explorations and adventures. We are talking about Trisha Rose, for an exhibition she called “A Taste of Erotic”.

We had our first lenghty chat with Trish at one of our openings, in fact at the last party at our previous incarnation. We connected right away and she has been so supportive of our work as gallery curators and of our sim as we just started. Beautiful Trish is an accomplished artist with a following on flickr, she is no stranger to have her photography on display, but somehow, she has not quite put ‘herself’ on display, not fully, not like you will see her today. We are always thrilled when we manage to offer something new to our visitors, and push an artist to live the gallery experience as such: an experience, a journey, motivated by an idea, a purpose. We deeply thank Trish for this, and we invite you to participate, as these pics will show her under a light you have not seen her before on a canvas, and may not see her again. In fact, let us encourage her to do it again!

Join us tonight, 8 PM SLT. The tunes will be provided by our ever sensual, – and incumbent artist for just a few hours so RUSH to see her show if you haven’t in the past 2 months! – DJ HaileyMarie Redrose. See you there!

Movie Party @ Gemini : His !

We are once more very happy to help promote on our sim a cinematic effort, and this time it will be from one creative duo who many of you know and always wanted them to make an appearance at Gemini. We are talking about Laura Richards & Severina, the minds (and legs!) behind the notorious Debauche dance troupe. And together, they are Wowtastic for their first full feature lenght movie, His ! The premiere will beging tomorrow Saturday April 27th at 8 AM SLT.

As keen as we are on photography displayed in world and believe in the importance to experience the art in a proper space and meet and celebrate the artist, we feel even more strongly about the -necessity- of movie premieres, especially when they cap such impressive undertakings. “His” is a movie with an XXX content but filmed with such a love for a stage-like setup and filmaking in its nuances (and for its subject, in a way!): the deliberate pacing makes for stunning images, in a very inspired photography that switches meaningfully between color and B&W (which we all know is a specialty of mrs. Richards). I’m exploring a little more of the movie in an interview published tomorrow on The Sexiest blog, but you’ll get an even better feel of it by coming to the premiere!

Remember, 8 AM SLT. Our dj for the event will be Geordie Richards, a natural choice for this big day.

New Exhibition: Ayela

We are happy to celebrate Easter with you with a delicious treat which made for a wonderful surprise also: today April 20th at 6 PM SLT (yes, a little earlier than our usual slot) we debut a new artist in an all new (and almost all nude)  exhibition : our featured artist just turned one year old in SL and it’s Ayela!

I have courted this delightful redhead for ages, and yet she is so young in SL! Fun and quite approachable as she is, this girl is one of those overthinking artists you are never sure they are going to believe their own hype juuust as long as it takes for them to take that spotlight they deserve. Sometimes I wish that organizing exhibitions with people (and people we know are appreciative of our work on the sim) were as easy as simply telling them “We love your pictures, let’s do this!”. An exhibition is part of a personal journey and you need the right circumstances and timing. The timing was finally right, and this exhibition spurred her to put her crystaline talent to good use on a  project she meticolously planned (…for the most part!), which ended up involving 22 models for 22 previously unseen photos.

We are thrilled to see this sort of effort and inspiration!

And we’ll be delighted if you join us tonight, 6 PM SLT. A little earlier, for a party a little different than usual : our dj for the night will be a personal friend of Ayela (and of many of you, because, oh she’s friendly!) and certainly a big motivator and inspirational figure to many , especially if with a pervy mind and/or with a cute butt. Sparklebottom Lasertits ! Join us for a Happy Easter!