New Gallery: Stacia’s Stories!

Today, our announcement has something a little different from usual! We do have a new exhibition on the sim, but it is more than that. It is a longer term project, and it is something we have flirted with for a long time. Join us today March 30th on the sim at 7 PM , for a great time listening to one of the djs with the most dynamic mixes on the scene, the wonderful Zoey Winsmore. The occasion? The inauguration of Stacia Reinoir‘s newest gallery.

And when I say ‘gallery’, I am not synecdoching (it is a word now), using the name of a building to indicate the exhibition hosted in there. Nu-uh, not this time! I am actually meaning the building itself too, as our sim is going to be the home for Stacia’s Stories, the gallery home for Stacia Reinoir’s works and artistic vision.

poster by Stacia Reinoir

We hosted exhibitions by stars of flickr who rack up more faves and views than she does, but Stacia’s exhibition drew the most intriguing comments (I swear, we didn’t pay those people to leave that kind of comment!). Amongst parallels with giants of art and photography I feel frankly shy quoting, but that picked up on beautiful qualities intrinsic to her composition, the comment I hold dearest came from an acclaimed SL photographer who just opened an exhibitionist at an history SL gallery a few days ago. She called it ‘a feminist nudity, affirmation of strenght’, which is the perfect sum of her greatest appeal.

We also got lovely reviews from a  few visitors who got a sneak peek of the new gallery building, but again, I wouldn’t want to praise our own choices here! We do think that it complements well color and light choices of several of her studio pictures, without overwhelming those who take a more naturalistic (and not just naturist :p) direction. We believe it plays to the strenghts of the hopeless camera flirt that she is. But of course we want your opinion! So join us at 7 PM SLT with Stacia herself, to dance to Zoey’s music and have fun !

Stacia’s is not the only project of this nature set to happen in the next months, and we already in fact announced one in front of one of our biggest attendances a week ago, involving Rachel Avro. We enjoy so much building new venues and trying to imagine different ways to display art, study different approaches to the concept of presenting images in SL, both linked to specific artistists and to collective works.  If you have ideas for a collaboration, do contact Katina Cazalet and/or Vicki Concertina. Do it at the party tonight!

Movie Party @ Gemini : Wicked Summer !

We love movie parties! We can’t have enough of them – seriously, if you do a video in SL, we know how big of a task that is, throw a party for it ! We can help , so contact us! Anyway, we do, and we are thrilled that our good friend Isabelle Cheviot of Dog Star Productions asked us to help with a celebration of her latest directorial effort – Wicked Summer !

I couldn’t talk about this movie without mentioning the impressive cast! Starting with the leads: the gorgeous Ayela, who we all appreciate as photographer and model, has quite the star role in this, matching blow for blow – pun intended – a veteran (I did not just call you old, Isa!) like Isabelle Cheviot.

The movie is a LOT of fun. So many different sex scenes for every taste, and in many different combinations, including some of the best group scenes I ever had the pleasure to see.  Over 30 people have on screen time in this, and they got their share of the titillating beauties on the poster. So a big thank you to Larry Vinaver, Ivan Yerkinov, Heathpantyboy Miggins, Daxie, Britney Lexenstar, Maximus Morningstar, Talisker Braveheart, Arcangelo Hellman, Isla Grace, Holly Manx, Celith Wendt, KayDee Sommers, Salathiell, Monique LeFry, Tessa Hale, Jessika, Della Morta, Ali Fox, Curty Dovgal, Stephanie, Tammy Jones-Pinedo, Annie, Saulo, liddlebit, Carter Holloway, Mark Steiner, Logan O’Leary, Nuur, Cykes, Petrova.

We party celebrating Isa,Ayela and the full cast today at 7 AM SLT , with our friend Zuby Gloom-Redrose as dj.

New Exhibition: HaileyMarie Redrose

New month, new artist at Gemini. And what a special one for us! Today March 9th, join us at 8 PM SLT for a party celebrating the photography of a name familiar to those who have been following us: it’s HaileyMarie Redrose!

Who, the DJ? Oh yes. Hailey has been our go-to maestro since a long time now, but she is an individual with mercurial talents. A RL videographer who dabbled in the discipline in SL as well, Hailey is responsible for the design of The Minx Den, an unforgettable speck of the 80s in our sim. The eclectic and colourful retrowave style is an undeniable part of her aesthetics, but she has an eye for a classic sensuality as well. What made us decide to do an exhibition with her now, is that she has been doing a series of pictures called Boudoir Dreams, making ample use of our sim. The least we could do with such a lovely display of different corners of Gemini was…having an exhibition at Gemini, of course! But you will see much more than that tonight, when several exclusive photos will be unveiled. They are some of the most impressive original work done for the gallery since its inception, and truly make the best example about her skills as photo editor, originality as artist, and are quite frankly just so sexy and fun!

Enough building this up, you gotta come over and see it all. Please, join our ranks at 8 PM SLT  today, with Zuby Gloom-Redrose as DJ.

Movie Party @ Gemini : Tattoo The Pink Rose!

Right between Valentine’s day and International Women’s Day, we have an all-girls film to introduce to the world (and do it at 7:15 PM SLT today February 22nd) ! It’s the highly imaginative, visually stylish and unsurprisingly surprising new movie from Mitzy Broadway. It’s called Tattoo the Pink Rose!

I have as usually written a little more in detail about the artistic aspects of  the movie in the Sexiest Pornstars blog – the movie is very much XXX rated, in case you are not familiar with Mitzy  – and therefore you missed our previous parties we proudly threw for her.

That would mean that today is a good chance for you to drop by and get aquainted with one of the most intriguing and unique personalities on the grid: a lot about ‘porn movies’ in real life bears the stigma of something made simply for a very narrow purpose. Nothing could be any more distant from the truth when it comes to Mitzy’s artistic creations: they obviously present exciting and so very explicit scenes , but they are truly the product of a dedicated and passionate cinematographer with a vision and that creates truly original scenarios.

Come and experience the movie magic, and all the glam and entertainment that the world of ‘showbiz’ brings, for a time of celebration, chats and fun. And of course, MUSIC! With Zuby and Hailey‘s tunes. The party will start after the movie screening, which will begin at 7:15 PM SLT today. Do not miss this!

New Exhibition: Cheryl Reddevil

February might be the shortest month, but it’s especially crowded with events here at Gemini! Tonight it’s time to have an all new artist at the gallery, debuting with a party today Saturday 16th at 8 PM SLT. It’s the firecracker we call Cheryl Reddevil !

My fascination with Cheryl Reddevil is no secret! She has a way to flirt with the camera that is uncanny. Shameless and yet so whimsical, she is one of those photographers who instantly make you think “I want to meet this person”. She’s just so enticing. She provided in record time a series of never seen before pictures who truly express the essence of her eroticism and that we’ll be so proud to unveil at the opening. We want to have this time memorable for her – she truly deserves it. She is pretty good at making memories herself, mind you. I remember her at the Fellatio Friday party we organized (she is one of the best in the discipline…photographically speaking of course!) and oh she livened it up quite a bit! But I digress…

We hope to see you all tonight at 8 PM ! HaileyMarie Redrose will start the dances, and we’ll all have fun together. We. All. Do not miss it!

Double Trouble: Rachel Avro @ Gemini round II !

Today, February 8th, our regular party schedule (8 PM SLT featuring Zuby and Hailey‘s music) also gives us a chance to celebrate something a little special someone who did something VERY special for us! Enough with the something something, let’s name names: we are talking about round II of Rachel Avro‘s exhibition.

A whole new building’s worth of pictures from Rache will be unveiled, and in a singularity in our exhibition schedule, she takes over both our galleries! For a week at least, as next Saturday we’ll unveil a new artist phasing out the first round of Rachel’s photos. As you know, we like to have at all times 2 artists on the sim, providing extra variety and a bit of osmotic reciprocal exposure , but we were looking forward to display Rachel’s monumental effort in all its glory, also due to the organic nature of it, the entirety of the photos being black and white.

Over 40 different models appear in this display, the majority of which consisting of original photos made expressely for this gallery. We are beyond thrilled, and we hope you will come and join us to celebrate Rache’s talent. She also will have some special announcement to make…but so do we, so, we’ll see you there! Remember , 8 PM SLT, all new exhibition and photos !


New Exhibition: Rachel Avro

We have already welcomed the new year at Gemini with two of our weekly parties – if you have not visited, you are missing out! – but today it is the time to officially kick off the 2019 program with one of our biggest exhibitions to this day. Today at 8 PM SLT we debut with an exquisite display from someone who truly had a great impact on the adult arts world. Rachel Avro!

As a model and actress in SL, Rachel has always had a taste for the classic, timeless look Hollywood was built on in its golden age – everyone agrees on the beauty and class her avatar exhudes. This sensitivity translated so well in her search for identity as an artist, and it is not a coincidence that some of the most memorable and successful of her countless endeavours in the arts are projects that bring that sort of quality. This had to be a black&white exhibition!

True to her desire and to her natural inclinations she involved as many individuals as possible, planning ahead and working hard during the holidays to make this event on par with its ambition. With over a dozen different models in previously unseen photos, this gallery is a tribute to female beauty that shows how far along she came as photographer. We are truly proud to have on display at the gallery what is a labour of love, in more ways that one, since Rachel is living one of the happiest phases of her Second life and at every step she wants to remind us that  such an undertaking would have not been possible without the support and love of her quick handed partner Stacey.

Join us at 8 PM SLT for this event, which will have also a phase 2 in the near future that is very much integral to the project. Do not miss it! DJ HaileyMarie Redrose will provide the music.

Movie Party @ Gemini : Neon!

Right before Christmas, today December 21st Gemini is happy to gift-wrap one of our favourite type of event. At 7 PM SLT we’ll have a debut on the sim, a movie premiere featuring Mitzy Broadway‘s latest, Neon!

You can find more informations about the movie on the Official blog of the Sexiest group, the historic group gathering adult machinimists and artists from all over the grid.

It’s no secret that both Vicki and I have a great love for sci-fi, and enjoy tremendously the glamour and pure unadulterated fun that a movie premiere brings: in fact one of the happiest times together has been attending another movie premiere organized with Nicasio Ansar at our previous location, again for a sci-fi inspired movie, again by Mitzy with the collaboration and support of Rachel Avro.  Events like this are memorable, and are the rightful exclamation point to weeks, months even, of work for a director, bringing together a numerous cast.

As usual, we expect a nice crowd and for the occasion we chose to set up a special venue: part of the movie is set in a futuristic (well duh, the whole movie is in the future!) club called ‘The Pleasure Galaxy’. We greatly enjoyed the atmosphere of the club shown in the video, which also doubled as a stage for  a cool musical segment coreographed by Sasha Johansen, and we thought that it would be only fitting to party in that sort of enviroment. Vicki had so much fun decorating it in fact, that we might consider this as an experiment to start the phase II of our sim project…But I am getting ahead of myself.

What you need to know is, that we’re having a party following the movie premiere, which starts at 7 PM SLT. So, dress accordingly to maximize your fun (or come as you are, it’s really your presence that matters, after all!) and let’s have a memorable night at the movies!


New Exhibition: The Parthenea Mytilene Fantasy Collection

What do we have in store for the last new exhibition of the year? Let’s unveil it, including never seen before work!

Tonight at 7 PM SLT we’ll kick off with a party an exhibition from the Partee girl herself (or , to go Greek on her just as she likes, Parthenea Mytilene).

We have as unofficial title of this particular display ‘The Parthenea Mytilene Fantasy Collection‘. Why, you may ask. Not, because it’s pretty straightforward! One of the most universally loved people I have ever met (you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who does not admire her, respect her and enjoy her work and her bubbly persona), Partee is known for a taste for detail in decoration and outfitting that truly exalts the VERY notable features of her dreamy body. Fantasy themed photos are amongst the most popular work she does, and one theme we love to explore and present in world, introducing also new steps to this amazing journey through her syncretic pantheon of sexy!

Simply put then, come check out her wonderful photography and meet the artist today December 15th, at 7 PM SLT. HaileyMarie Redrose will be our DJ for the event, and it’ll be a blast, I can ASS-ure you that!

(Come on, you know I had to sneak one butt joke there).

New Exhibition: Vixxen Rainbow

And the big day is here! Grand opening and all! New artist, new exhibition, the official monthly party starting 7 PM SLT, at Gemini!

It’s time to fire off Vixxen Rainbow‘s amazing display!

A mix of naughty and nice that would deserve another x in her name, Vixxen is entertaining and creative in her artwork. We have a soft spot for artists who use colour well (how could she not, with a name like that?) and have a wild imagination. You never find a dull photo from her. On the extracurricular side, she’s got a hot bod, a lovely face and one stud of a boyfriend! Yep we’re shameless like that, it helps. :p

She’s going through a happily busy phase of her life, she’s facing it with new hardware that only improves the lively gorgeousness of her shots, and we couldn’t be happier to bring her pictures in world here at Gemini!

Swing by for her party, which will start at 7 PM SLT with the tunes from Hailey!