New Exhibition: The Holsts

In between the various movie premieres and special attractions, this month we do somehow find time also to bring you our regular program! That’s it, it’s time for the Gemini Gallery exhibition of December: and on a day with two two-digit pairs in the date as 12/12/2020 it’s only natural we had an exhibition with a couple! We are honored to party tonight at 8 PM SLT with Peachy and Torsten Holst.

Torsten and Peachy are a wonderful couple of artists: natural partners in crime that inspire each other in photography, their styles are also highly complementary. Their work ranges from the phantasmagoric to the highly carnal, from delving deep in emotion to being entertaining and playful. Their lively and multifaceted experience as photographers, who gained them followers and friends in the art world, keeps them in an exciting journey together they share working every month with a handful of fellow creators of images in the young but already well established Holst&Holst Gallery , without a doubt there to prove that 2020 did not bring only unmitigated disasters.

Join then tonight at 8 PM SLT for an art show dedicated to them, but first and foremost dedicated to all of you who have been following the exhibitions on our sim and support adult arts in Second Life. The exhibition features original creations from them both (I am not just referring to Peachy’s baby bump!), and the party will bring us the inspired tunes of  the pearl of the Orient (she does live in Eastern Sicily after all ), the lovely Zuby Bloom.

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