Ali Lancrae – Racheal Rexen

The newest artist currently showcasing on Gemini is Ali Lancrae. Ali is universally considered one of the busiest women in the world of adult arts. She’s a tireless worker who helps other talent get exposure through the Sexiest® blog, the ‘sorority’ that is the Hotties group and her own personal Porn Star Confidential blog with unconventional ‘interviews’, jokes and more, but most importantly, she is an accomplished artist in her own right, and it’s Ali the artist that is on display right now at our gallery.

Our first artist you could admire at Gemini has been the feast for the eyes that is Racheal Rexen!  Her exhibition is still ongoing and wil be till the end of the month. We love her, we love what she has been doing for the community, and we couldn’t have a better opener. Thank you Racheal!