Space Opera – By Morgan Talbot

“A story of drama, action, adventure and erotica. The setting is five centuries in the future, Humanity has gone to the stars and found they are not alone. Finding new friends and new enemies, Humanity prevails in these conflicts and forms the Terran Union comprised of a few hundred star systems and a dozen races. Human abilities have expanded with psionics, cybernetics and genetic engineering. There are a small group of psionics known as Psi-witches, comprised of the most powerful Human and alien psionicsts who are unpartisan to any government or faction, keeping their secrets to themselves. In this new frontier of galactic expansion you can find heroes and villains, monsters and saints in an infinite variety of races. This is the universe where this story unfolds.”

Do read Morgan’s saga on his flickr! The full album is here.

Each individual section has its own page you can access through the gallery inworld – if you’d like to read the PDF version of this exceptional saga, get it here!