Zuby Gloom – Sparklebottom

The latest artist to open at Gemini is Zuby Gloom.

She’s a friend…no, she’s my best friend in the world of ‘porn’.

She’s a photographer…no, she’s an artist. A complete artist, and I am not referring only to the fact that now she is officially an accomplished DJ that keeps quite busy, with an ample knowledge of many genres. I am referring to her visual talents that extrinsecate in different manners. Starting with the most tangible pair (no innuendo..) : her avatar is wonderful. She has such a characteristic appearance, with the alluring curves of a mature seductive woman, matched with the freshness of her wispy sembiance and her quirky style. I am sure you could compliment her aesthetics crediting her being italian. Maybe I’ll say it just so I can attempt to hijack the praise!

What I can’t hijack is her talent with photography: she is prolific, and in each of her pictures she gets the best out of the subject. Composition of the scene (she happens to be a brilliant decorator, you only have to see the bombonierre her sim The Abbey is ), framing, light, everything is perfect or, imperfect in such a way that makes it charming. She puts that extra glint of life in every frame, adding humor at times, pure dream and sensuality other times. Zuby is my friend, and I am just gonna brag about it!


In the twin building on the new sim, still on display , and perhaps we should retire the building like you retire the jersey of a star player you can’t possibly replace, you can still browse the all original collection of photos by Sparklebottom Lasertits.

Oh boy, what to say about Sparkle? Sparkle is a force of nature! Not the most original comparison, while she certainly is original, unique, unprecedented! She is pink and bubbly like a mimosa! Not as bubbly as her butt tho! The best one handed photographer I ever met! Nah, I can’t stay entirely serious describing her, and quite frankly, if you ever have been to one of our parties, you probably met her. Same thing if you have been to …any party, almost. And if you met her, I am sure she got you curious enough to go check her Flickr. And then, was it instant love? If I were to write a novel about a girl becoming an artist from scratch, I’d never pick her as protagonist because she’d be such a Mary Sue. She’s witty, she has an infectious enthusiasm, she’s sharp and a great learner, and she is just so fun to talk to, and somehow knows pretty much everyone you ever heard of – and their mom!

Visiting the exhibition she set up for the Kultivate Magazine festival, I was once more charmed by her fresh approach to photography, her way to capture the beauty of a girl’s body, the light hearted aspect of intimacy, the magic in her atmospheres, who never repeat themselves. Her artwork is inspired, to say the least, but she works hard on the inspiration…and makes it seem easy, even. I mentioned a lot the ‘social’ aspect of her art because it shows so much in this exhibition. No new to big series, who seem to exhalt her ability to explore themes in the most seducing way, she by far featured the greatest amount of different models in any exhibition we have had so far! But that’s part of why she grew so much in this community: she constantly measures herself with fellow like-minded individuals and gets ‘in touch’, oh no pun intended here (well maybe!) with them continuosly growing as a person, as an artist, and most importantly, having the kind of fun and expressiveness that makes art in SL so fascinating.

The gallery is currently located on its own sim, Gemini! It was a labour of love with Vicki and I setting up to give a new home worthy of the previous. Visit us right here!