Double Trouble: Rachel Avro @ Gemini round II !

Today, February 8th, our regular party schedule (8 PM SLT featuring Zuby and Hailey‘s music) also gives us a chance to celebrate something a little special someone who did something VERY special for us! Enough with the something something, let’s name names: we are talking about round II of Rachel Avro‘s exhibition.

A whole new building’s worth of pictures from Rache will be unveiled, and in a singularity in our exhibition schedule, she takes over both our galleries! For a week at least, as next Saturday we’ll unveil a new artist phasing out the first round of Rachel’s photos. As you know, we like to have at all times 2 artists on the sim, providing extra variety and a bit of osmotic reciprocal exposure , but we were looking forward to display Rachel’s monumental effort in all its glory, also due to the organic nature of it, the entirety of the photos being black and white.

Over 40 different models appear in this display, the majority of which consisting of original photos made expressely for this gallery. We are beyond thrilled, and we hope you will come and join us to celebrate Rache’s talent. She also will have some special announcement to make…but so do we, so, we’ll see you there! Remember , 8 PM SLT, all new exhibition and photos !


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