Sloppy Seconds at (the new!) Gemini: Sparklebottom Lasertits!

Today Friday July 20th, 8 PM SLT: you are cordially invited to party with us at Gemini, with the tunes of HaileyMarie Redrose and Sparklebottom’s Sloppy Seconds! (Again , it’s not , not, not the official name of these events… but it’s fun to type it. Tee-hee. :p

The idea of ‘one more party!’ came up spontaneously during the opening event of Zoe Willows: a dynamic and varied crowd who couldn’t get enough of Hailey’s tunes, a spur of the moment joke that made the idea stick to mind, and most importantly, a wonderful artist who was keen on providing even more exclusive content for the gallery, to be unveiled at a second future event.

We initially did not have in mind to make it a ‘tradition’, but it was the artist that followed, Aria Horan, who made the proposal. It led to another exceptional party in coincidence with her magazine spread. It was a real thrill.

This one party on the contrary has been in our mind and plans from the beginning.

Because Sparkle with her -amazing-, and i don’t want to overuse the word, but truly it is – exhibition paying tribute to Mirage, was meant to be the one artist leading the transition between two phases of our gallery’s life. These are photos from the lovely party of the opening we had Saturday. The party that would mark our farewell to Mirage.

People were able to admire the photos in the context of the sim that inspired them and that has been dear to us for over a year, linked to many memories. Including meeting Sparkle herself, ever the life of the party!


Closing our experience at Nicasio Ansar’s heavenly sim was not an easy decision, as to this day it remains one of the most thrilling, exciting, and, while successful considering it has a constant trickle of visitors, also one of the most underappreciated sims I can think of, considering its richness of spots perfect to hang out and live kinky fantasies. We thank him for letting the gallery be a part of such a gorgeous setup –  even building the structure itself, exclusively for us, original, prim-efficient and dance-powered!

But it was time for us to …oh dear, my rethor-meter is going off scale now….spread our wings?  Oh whatever, it was time for us to try and bring to the artists and to the party scene a lot more in terms of freedom, options, opportunities. Because, Gemini now is in its own whole sim !And we want to have wild, fun, exciting parties just as usual, no, more than usual. Our house, our rules…and the one rule is to have fun! With all the dear friends that have made our parties special all these months, and more!

Thank you to each and every one of you who made this past exhibition a great success, and the whole year an absolute blast.

Do you want a taste of the new world orbiting around our twin star? Please come over for the party, today at 8 PM SLT! It will be an absolute blast! The new photos introduced are some of Sparkle (and our own!) favourites. It’s a party you don’t wanna miss, with a new sim to explore , more news, and on this new sim there could very well be a space for you. As usual we are really interested in photos of the event and your ideas – we’ll be there, we run the place, why don’t you talk to us and come up with something to get our attention? Can be as easy as that ! But what we really want, is that you come, enjoy the photos, the music and have fun ! See you there!

Party photos by Vicki Concertina – join the Gemini Gallery group and upload your photos there too, we are willing to reward your efforts, especially for this opening party!



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