Themed Party @ Gemini : Pajama Party!

Busy week at Gemini! After the success of the movie party that ended just a few hours ago – thank you again for your participation, it was a wonderful time for everyone involved starting with the cast, the debuting dj and more modestly, ourselves! – we are getting ready to party again! At 8 PM SLT! Luckily, getting ready for this one involves dressing extremely comfortable, since today’s party will be a Slumber party!!

We really enjoyed the previous, and first, themed party we had, and this time too it was our DJ HaileyMarie Redrose to propose the theme and do a kickass poster for it. Her partner Zuby helped greatly with the setup, making the club on the sim look extra cozy and nice, ideal for this event.

We said it the first time and I’d like to say it again: Gemini truly is about you, the community that is out there, that has been following us in these parties and that shows costant appreciation for sensual productions and fun times. We’d love to hear more ideas about themed parties and welcome participation of any kind. Take photos at our parties, we are interested in coverage from our guest and we are willing to offer adequate incentives. And likewise, we welcome ideas for future parties and are willing to help with organization and promotion and leave open to you the position of host for 100% tips. We are in this together, and it’s something that truly excites us. See you at 8 PM SLT, with Hailey, Zuby, and well, obviously Vicki, myself and as many friends as we can pack ! Come early, as Zuby’s radiant smile may be taking up a good portion of the club on its own.

PS : Thank you SO much for modeling to Rachel Avro, Sparklebottom, Zuby, Virgil, and obviously Hailey, acting as photographer, designer of the ad and sexy model to boot!

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