New Exhibition: Zuby Gloom-Redrose

Oh how time flies! We have had such a busy first month at Gemini since the official opening with Sparkle’s exhibition. Often two parties a week and what parties! You have all been fantastic. And it’s only fitting to inaugurate now (aka today August 11, 7 PM SLT!) a fantastic new exhibition barely a month after. With another artist who has been a friend and supporter of Gemini from its inception. I am talking about the wonderful Zuby Gloom.

You have seen Zuby at every Gemini party we ever held – for as long as her computer allows her! But if you have never been curious before about this playful and charming girl – perhaps because you were stunned by her drop dead gorgeous avi, one of the best I have had the pleasure to ever meet, if you ask me – and so haven’t checked her flickr yet…oh boy, you are so in for a treat. And if you already have , it’s impossible that even just glancing at it you haven’t found something impressive. So many memorable photos, so many ideas, and so well executed. Together with a selection of Flickr photos, we are debuting 6 photos from her today, and she has great projects for Gemini as well.

So that is today – Saturday 11th of August at 7 PM SLT! The DJ couldn’t be anyone other than her partner HaileyMarie Redrose! Not that she got the gig just by marital shenanigans, eh! We are grateful to both Hailey and Zuby for being so supportive and reliable. The artwork of Zuby and the great musical choices by Hailey speak for themselves… and the fun thing is, I could swap those compliments around and it would -still- work! But I digress. See you at 7 !

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