Iris’s Opening Day Party Photos!

We are ready for a new opening party, today Saturday 16th, with the fun-tastic Talisker Braveheart: the party area is all set up and of course DJ Nica spared no effort in that. We’ll start at 4 PM SLT.

It’s particularly sweet (no pun intended) to have as the other exhibition still running at Gemini none other than Iris Okiddo. Talisker and Iris have always been a great match and collaborated on several projects, and we did enjoy the idea of having this pairing happen at one point.

Enjoy the party photos taken during Iri’s big day, by Vicki! Starting with tonight’s DJ the eclectic Nicasio Ansar, the beautiful HaileyMarie Redrose who DJ’d the past times…and so many of our lovely guests in the swan song of the beautiful autumn setting at Mirage.


Vicki did a wonderful job once more with these photos: you are always welcome to take your photos of the event and upload them on the Gemini flickr group , or send them to us directly for this blog and other initiatives we might juuuust have in the works on our Gemini brand. We currently have a new flickr account just for party photos and news, tag yourselves in !

Goodbye for now, and meet you later at the party. Remember , 4 PM SLT , December 16th!



New Exhibition : Talisker Braveheart

About time to have a new exhibition at Gemini Gallery, right?

If you wondered what have been busy with since the latest opening party, you may want to check out the Gemini Studios section, through the bar at the top. The first movie production left us quite pleased to say the least, and we thank you for your future feedback – we already received a kind of support that left us absolutely overwhelmed. Thank you.

Enough with movies though…even if we are somewhat in topic, as the artist featured for this end of 2017 is an award-winning SL actor and one of the funniest ‘sketch-comedians’ you can meet through photos.  We are talking about Talisker Braveheart.

The party is taking place this Saturday, December 16th at our favourite slot, 4 PM SLT.

Nica will be our DJ! Some of you know him just as our kind landlord who doesn’t complain about the loud music, but I could write about his talents for ages. His new project, ‘The Rooms’ is getting well deserved attention, and will inspire many artists and all-around kinksters.  And it’s in the same sim as our gallery!

See you at the party!


New Exhibition : Iris Okiddo

Today at Gemini we open the exhibition of Iris Okiddo.

Iris’s imagination is truly fascinating. She has a completely unpretentious and individual approach to art, ranging from dusky and moody photos, to the Sunday comic humor panels. She is a truly sensuous individual, and an amazing photographer, showing lots in her photos and yet leaving so much for you to discover.

Come join us today for the party: Tuesday 24th at 11:00 AM SLT, with DJ HaileyMarie Redrose!

A new timeslot for this party: we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let you all meet Iris and share with her this special moment. Remember we welcome your feedback and partecipation, and we have some nice initiatives…and incentives, for that! See you at Gemini!

Tati’s Opening Day Party Photos!

We are all set already for the new exhibition, opening tomorrow Tuesday 24th, at 11 AM SLT. A new timeslot and day for us, but same dj, the incomparable Hailey. Who will be our featured artist? It will be a sweet surprise…

Meanwhile, here you have some photos from our latest weekend party, and what a weekend that was, featuring Tatiana Alexandra!

These pics were taken by Vicki, as you can see by the way her camera lusted over Tatiana’s creations – here’s the url for her in-world store, by the way.

The party area was arranged in a way that only Tati’s personality could inspire, and gave a very special atmosphere to the whole event: the car lights combined with Hailey’s new console and stage setup made it an extra fun time…or rather, they were the perfect catalyst, because what really made it special was having YOU there! Yes, yes, massive suck-up to our visitors and readers…but who would we be holding these parties for, if not for you arts enthusiasts?

Once more, special thanks to Miss Emily’s chain gang and the wonderful Surfers’ bay crowd for the support: it’s very nice to see so many beach enthusiasts dress up smart and converge, thanks for that…and thanks also for shedding said clothing when the time was right!

This was just a quick selection of pics from the evening, but much more happened (you would not believe me when I tell you that it involved a truck with 3 jet planes, would you?) and we are awaiting eagerly our next party in less than 24 hours! Remember, we welcome party photos and guestbook entries – plus, we have exciting news from the world of publishing that we’ll share very soon – perhaps already at the party. Which will happen, again, tomorrow Tuesday 24th , starting at 11 AM.

With Hailey, and with Vicki and me and a new wonderful artist …well and YOU, right?

Lylah’s Opening Day Party Photos!

Today, September 23, we will welcome you to a new and exciting exhibition with Tatiana Alexandra at 4PM SLT. She will get your motor running, I can promise you that!

We had fun and enjoyed the atmosphere at our previous party in August, with Lylah Landar!

We are especially grateful to our wonderful dj, HaileyMarie Redrose , and Nicasio Ansar, hosting the gallery in his wonderful Mirage sim – this will mark the first party in the sim with the new Fall colors, one more reason to look forward to it.

Your participation means a lot to us, and we were delighted to see there so many of you, friends, fellow patron of arts, and well, assorted pervs who I am sure were not disappointed by what was on display!

No surprise there…the party started getting naughty preeetty soon!

And much more that has not been caught on camera…or maybe we keep in our HD for blackmail purposes!

Vicki and I are waiting for you at tonight’s party celebrating Tatiana Alexandra – again, 4 PM SLT, with Hailey as DJ. We welcome and encourage your partecipation at the event : photos taken at the event and your entries in Guestbooks will be included in future projects. Submit your material related to the exhibition on the Gemini Gallery Flickr Group.

See you at the party!



New Exhibition : Tatiana Alexandra

We have the pleasure to greet a new artist here at Gemini. With a Happy Birthday song, even – that sort of fortunate coincidences. The artist this time around is Tatiana Alexandra. Tati is without a doubt a versatile talent: an experienced DJ and magazine model, she happens to be a heck of a pilot and ‘mechanic’, having built over 60 vehicles, many custom fit for special occasions and tailored for her many friends.

Needless to say, what we focus on for this exhibition is her photography – but you will see quite a few of her passions expressed in her art. We had a lot of fun getting together with her to organize this, and we are sure it will be apparent once you visit. When? Try 4 PM SLT , this Saturday September 23 ! We’re going once more to have the excellent tunes from our DJ HaileyMarie Redrose, and it will be another fun party.

Thank you everyone for the great support shown, and remember that we greatly welcome your feedback, for this new exhibition and the one from Lylah Landar still showing in the twin building!

Simone’s Opening Day Party Photos!

Did I just say that we party with the best crowd ever? We do and we expect one today August 26th for Lylah Landar. It surely was the feeling in the air at the party we had August 5th celebrating the talent of the exciting and so personable Simone Landers!

(party photos by Vicki Concertina)

The artist’s enthusiasm and involvement is always a big motivating factor, but in Simone’s case we also like to thank Duncan Blackburn and everyone at the hot and so photo friendly hangout Surfers Bay , for the great backing on the lovely member of their community. Well, our community too: we are proud members ourselves, and you’ll find a group joiner in the gallery building in case you are not yet!

And of course, we can’t thank enough our lovely dj HaileyMarie Redrose for her perfomance…

and so many friends who came over showing their naughty side, and those lover of the arts who came and were not utterly scandalized when barely one hour in, the party got all adamitic!

You can see many more party photos on Vicki’s flickr and in the Gemini Gallery group! Remember that we greatly welcome your photos taken at our events – contact us through IM, flickr mail or adding us directly to the photo if you’d like them featured. Both gallery buildings also have guestbooks, who are not only a nice ‘personal’ and meaningful way to interact with an artist, but also can provide us material for future projects and blog features – we are keen on rewarding your collaboration, graphic or through your sincere written word.

We’re waiting for you today August 26 at 4 PM SLT , for Lylah Landar’s exhibition! Don’t miss out.

New Exhibition : Lylah Landar

Time flies, and we are thrilled to have the chance to welcome a new artist at Gemini. It’s the turn of Lylah Landar.

Lylah holds a special place in my heart. During my tenure as editor for Aroused! Magazine, Lylah had been a real gem of a collaborator, full of enthusiasm for her projects, and always bringing her A game. The sensuality she can put in her photography is truly amazing: there’s something magnetic about her presence.

Featured in this exhibition some (and it was a truly tough choice!) of her best previous work plus original material. And you will get to meet and greet this delightful girl today August 26 at 4 PM SLT for the opening party.

DJ HaileyMarie Redrose is scheduled to make us all dance again. Don’t miss a chance to be there and have fun at an event with wonderful eclectic music, exquisite art (also still showing: Simone Landers) and, judging from our previous parties, the best crowd ever!

Ali’s Opening Day Party Photos!

On July 15, we had the chance to pay tribute to the sensual, striking photography by the woman who became synonym with ‘gallery’ for the Sexiest® adult arts community: Ali Lancrae.

DJ Hailey did a wonderful job and will be with us for the upcoming party at 4 PM today, with Simone Landers! (she has a lot of stories to tell!)

These beautiful captures are made in Vicki™! Please enjoy. And remember that we welcome your contribution in terms of party photos, on our flickr group or submitted to us privately. The best ones may be the ‘cover’ of our next events and receive a little L$ love ! We have guestbooks on both gallery buildings, and we’ll pick entries for there as well – not to mention, you’ll please the artists themselves with your feedback.

Sooo, see you at the Mirage sim at 4 PM with Hailey and of course, Simone, and ourselves!

New Exhibition : Simone Landers

It’s time to display a new artist at Gemini, and our choice this time went to Simone Landers. Imaginative and equally in her element with sensuality and playfulness, Simone has something for everyone’s taste, defined with a keen eye for a well lit photo that sets the mood just right. Working with her for this exhibition has been a true pleasure, and she chose Gemini to debut also new, incredibly arousing original artwork.

And that of course means for us, a chance to have fun with another party: a chance for you to chat with the photographer celebrating her art and more. ‘More’ being for instance the fantastic tunes by dj HaileyMarie Redrose (congrats to the fresh bride, btw!) that made so special our events. In the twin building of course you can still admire the work of Ali Lancrae, and the Mirage sim all around us is as beautiful and scenic of a sim as it gets, with its renewed secret garden and many memorable spots.  Join us today August 5 at 4 PM SLT.