Movie Party @ Gemini : Crimes of Passion

Today August 2nd at 7 PM SLT, Gemini organizes in collaboration with Dog Star Productions its first movie party!

The designated opener is Isabelle Cheviot with her latest flick, “Crimes of Passion”. The movie impressed us both for its perfect classic noir atmosphere, even transposed in a contemporary setting. If you have visited our new sim already (you have, right?? click here to TP there and sightsee! )  you’ll easily see why it resonated so well with what we created.

Besides, who does not love lesbian porn in their crime stories? Featuring Isabelle Cheviot, Ivan Yerkinov and Shareen Vella, Crimes of Passion is a really passionate movie indeed, a movie with passion for timeless cinema and storytelling, and it would be a crime to miss it!

This type of movies in SL are a huge effort in terms of time spent organizing, shooting, editing. Often to little reward considering how rudimentary and disjointed the possibilities to share this kind of work are. Second Life photo artists have found a home in Flickr for the most part, while filmakers lack that sort of platform. We’d like to at least give the release of new movies added resonance organizing events centered around them, and we hope that will make for some memorable times. We are in fact also open to the possibility of featuring in our movie nights not brand new ones when the theme is interesting and there are request and added value in a screening with the director and cast present. It’s up to you as usual, let us know, your feedback is vital.

The party will be at 7 PM SLT on a specially designed set, with tunes by dj Minna. A massively experienced performer, it’s gonna be Minna’s debut here at Gemini so we’ll be sure to give her a warm welcome! We hope to acknowledge the talent involved in SL moviemaking while presenting you a nice show. Like every Gemini party, there will be debauchery, wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thank you again to Isabelle Cheviot for the interest and cooperation.

Sloppy Seconds at (the new!) Gemini: Sparklebottom Lasertits!

Today Friday July 20th, 8 PM SLT: you are cordially invited to party with us at Gemini, with the tunes of HaileyMarie Redrose and Sparklebottom’s Sloppy Seconds! (Again , it’s not , not, not the official name of these events… but it’s fun to type it. Tee-hee. :p

The idea of ‘one more party!’ came up spontaneously during the opening event of Zoe Willows: a dynamic and varied crowd who couldn’t get enough of Hailey’s tunes, a spur of the moment joke that made the idea stick to mind, and most importantly, a wonderful artist who was keen on providing even more exclusive content for the gallery, to be unveiled at a second future event.

We initially did not have in mind to make it a ‘tradition’, but it was the artist that followed, Aria Horan, who made the proposal. It led to another exceptional party in coincidence with her magazine spread. It was a real thrill.

This one party on the contrary has been in our mind and plans from the beginning.

Because Sparkle with her -amazing-, and i don’t want to overuse the word, but truly it is – exhibition paying tribute to Mirage, was meant to be the one artist leading the transition between two phases of our gallery’s life. These are photos from the lovely party of the opening we had Saturday. The party that would mark our farewell to Mirage.

People were able to admire the photos in the context of the sim that inspired them and that has been dear to us for over a year, linked to many memories. Including meeting Sparkle herself, ever the life of the party!


Closing our experience at Nicasio Ansar’s heavenly sim was not an easy decision, as to this day it remains one of the most thrilling, exciting, and, while successful considering it has a constant trickle of visitors, also one of the most underappreciated sims I can think of, considering its richness of spots perfect to hang out and live kinky fantasies. We thank him for letting the gallery be a part of such a gorgeous setup –  even building the structure itself, exclusively for us, original, prim-efficient and dance-powered!

But it was time for us to …oh dear, my rethor-meter is going off scale now….spread our wings?  Oh whatever, it was time for us to try and bring to the artists and to the party scene a lot more in terms of freedom, options, opportunities. Because, Gemini now is in its own whole sim !And we want to have wild, fun, exciting parties just as usual, no, more than usual. Our house, our rules…and the one rule is to have fun! With all the dear friends that have made our parties special all these months, and more!

Thank you to each and every one of you who made this past exhibition a great success, and the whole year an absolute blast.

Do you want a taste of the new world orbiting around our twin star? Please come over for the party, today at 8 PM SLT! It will be an absolute blast! The new photos introduced are some of Sparkle (and our own!) favourites. It’s a party you don’t wanna miss, with a new sim to explore , more news, and on this new sim there could very well be a space for you. As usual we are really interested in photos of the event and your ideas – we’ll be there, we run the place, why don’t you talk to us and come up with something to get our attention? Can be as easy as that ! But what we really want, is that you come, enjoy the photos, the music and have fun ! See you there!

Party photos by Vicki Concertina – join the Gemini Gallery group and upload your photos there too, we are willing to reward your efforts, especially for this opening party!



New Exhibition : Sparklebottom Lasertits

Gemini’s adventure began right at the start of the summer last year: our focus has always been on art, the art we want to show. Thank you, Captain Obvious? No, no, there’s a point here, I promise! The natural consequence of our approach has then been: most exhibitions we made, even featuring Flickrites with literally thousands of followers and faves steadily in the triple digits, were what you would call ‘debuts’. Working with artists who have already ‘been there’ many times is very rewarding ( I had chances to do it many times in previous experiences) , but the first showcase is a thrill, and I believe serves well our placement, as Gemini Studios too, in the adult entertainment world. A world based on the impulse of sharing passions, desires, reveries, which in the world of Second Life are so easily of a sensual but also sexual nature, pure , unconstrained and unhibited.  Expression of your own fantasy and impulse, transmitted through your own individuality, for the world to see. Nothing seems closer to pure art than that to me. It is a world full of artists.

This is getting to be quite the long preamble, and this whole post is kind of building to something else in fact, but do you see the picture above? It’s Sparklebottom, guys! You have the name the date the time: Sparklebottom Lasertits is doing an exhibition for Gemini Gallery which launches today July 14th at 7 PM SLT. Scheduled DJ is her friend and our precious collaborator for all these months HaileyMarie Redrose.

Sparkle’s name alone is enough to excite you and convince you to come and see what she has been up to: I can tell you what it is ! This exhibition is the first one made entirely of exclusive photos, specifically dedicated to the gallery and the wonderful sim Mirage who has been our home for over a year. Sparkle has been invited already to take part to exhibitions and have her artwork featured at different venues. It’s not just that she’s so hot right now ala Hansel, it’s not just she knows virtually everyone ‘in the scene’… She just seems in her element everywhere there is art, there is fun, there is mischief  ! And booze, okay.

See where my intro was going? During our run we have prioritized working with many busy and active individuals who made a name for themselves but did not happen to deal with inworld galleries a lot. With Sparkle, we simply could not pass up on the opportunity to have her art at Gemini. There’s a bigger story here, and some of it will be written today at our party. Remember, 7 PM SLT. And it’s one not to miss. Sparkle’s work will be on display as usual for a couple of months, but today will be your only chance to see it in a certain form. See you at the party!


Themed party @ Gemini : Cops + Robberz – Law and Disorder !

You asked for it, and you’ve got it! The first of our themed events for the Friday nights. So, today Friday June 22nd at 8 PM SLT, we’ll have a special Dress-Up event: a Cops and Robbers….no, sorry, a Cops + Robberz (oh Hailey and her edgy writing) party! With a cash prize of 2’000 L$ for both the best Villain and the best Good Guy/gal. It’s not going to be a popularity contest, and there will also be more surprises and rewards for those who take part in it. So flock to it, since it’s gonna be a fun one, with the appropriate music by the one and only HaileyMarie Redrose.

poster by Hailey!

We have given the idea of a dressup party a bit of thought: we sure want the night to be memorable and have fun with the theme, first and foremost.

But at the same time, we don’t want anyone to feel left out and discouraged from attending. Hailey’s music will be extra fun and tailored to this event and these parties are always a good chance to meet people and get noticed. As usual, we also look for party photos and your active partecipation for future projects of our studios. Besides….we always have a juicy sploder you may end up robbing! That counts!

Obviously you’ll get the most out of this event if you put together an outfit for it: I can only say that  the theme is loose enough (any villain would do, and there is no shortage of law enforcement types that apply for the purpose of the prize) , very pornable, and we mostly want you to have fun with it. I can anticipate that there will be an additional cash prize assigned at random between those who showed up in an attire fitting the theme. But come as you are rather than not showing up! The struggle between Law and Disorder always needs civilians to be caught in between!

We are open to more ideas for themed parties, and we’d love to collaborate with one of you for the next one. We can put on the table on our end of the deal venue, DJ, and promotional support, and obviously the Official pornstar party slot.  What we want is your ideas and willingness to help making the party you propose a success – we will be happy to let you host it for 100% of tips. Just contact Vicki Concertina and/or Katina Cazalet in world….and oh, why don’t you do it today 8-10 PM at the Cops + Robberz party while listening to DJ Hailey’s tunes?

We’ll be waiting!

New Exhibition : Faith Darrow

It’s time again to  put new photos up at Gemini, with a new artist! Someone who has seen it all, done it all… but tonight June 9th at 7 PM SLT she’s a lil virgin, just for us, as we pop her exhibition cherry! We are talking about someone who knows how to turn heads and twist bodyparts, the tentacular Faith Darrow.

We are pleased and excited to have her art on display, and we look forward to the opening event. Faith is a character well known to the pornstars crowd to be the life of the party with her quick wit, merciless snark and black garter belt in Google-fu, intriguing to meet and interact with and a sight to behold! Plus she has great tits…Okay this post is going downhill quick as the excitement intensifies! I’d better just remind you once more : we’re partying today June 9th, at 7 PM SLT! Don’t miss out: parties are always a great chance to network and meet others, but with the Gemini Studios parties there are additional opportunities being offered. We still look for quality party photographers, and welcome ‘printable’ comments and feedback, and when I say ‘look’, i mean it also in a business capacity.

See you at the party!


Sloppy Seconds at Gemini: Aria Horan

I said it last time for Zoe Willows, this is totally NOT the official title of this sort of event! In fact, everything about tonight’s event at 8 PM STL will be fresh, fragrant and quite sharp! So yes: it’s time for a round 2, or rather II, for one of the artists featured at Gemini. Last time around, Zoe debuted a variety of new and exciting photos that were worth an encore of her release party with even newer material. The so very juvenile ‘working title’ of the event was born during the party banter with her. And  this time, it’s Aria time!

Today is the day of the release of SL Unplugged, one of the best adult magazines on the scene. With an amazing lineup of photographers and models that are virtually a lock for Gemini or we had the pleasure to cover already in previous galleries, this issue of SL Unplugged features original work from Aria at her erotic and exotic best. We put on display at the gallery special alternative versions of a few photos that were cropped for the magazine edition and you’ll see even more tonight at 8 PM SLT for our party!

And the DJ will be …..Aria herself! Aria is a vastly experienced DJ with a song repertoire in the 6 digits figure and she just can’t wait to share not just her visual arts but also this part of her talents. ‘Time to give gemini the Funk!’ as she put it, and we have no objections! See you tonight for another party Gemini style!

Gemini Studios’ Official Pornstars Party – Today!

Set a permanent reminder on your calendar for 8 PM SLT , every Friday, because that’s when Gemini Studios hosts their Official Pornstars Parties! Our debut event  left us thrilled, with a great response from you, with as many as 30 people partying simultaneously and twice as many visitors! You know that we have a good experience with parties already …ah yes, as I talk, please enjoy some fine bodies on display captured by Vicki.

As I was saying! We have experience with parties for our gallery events, but just getting together to enjoy Hailey‘s kickass tunes at the wonderful party venue by Nicasio Ansar, with the support of the Sexiest group and many casual visitors, was a great and totally fun experience. Relaxing for us…as relaxing as it can be to dance surrounded by hot bodies bumping all over the place!

The vibe of the party thanks to Hailey’s perfect music and participative guests (some of them heavily contributing to the sound by virtue of their higly hittable arses!) was so good that we didn’t really go for any of the ‘prepackaged’ forms of entertainment that we prepared in advance – although I am sure we will have a round of party games going, or two! I am a fan of going with the flow, and you have been a wonderful audience and active part of the night, so from Vicki and I, a huge thank you.

To make you an even greater part of these regular events, we are seeking your feedback. We are gauging different options for themed parties, who have always the pros of any organized event with hype and unique elements going on, but also the cons of requiring some degree of effort from you partygoers who simply want to relax and have fun, and potentially make some feel left out. We’d like you to post your feedback, opinion, ideas about themed parties here in the comments or have a chat with us at the party tonight. Do you have a solid idea for a theme to run at one of our parties ? Let’s discuss it, and if you convince us, we’d be happy if you like to let you host the evening with 100% tips and our full promotion behind you. IM Vicki Concertina or Katina Cazalet with your ideas.

We always encourage you to take photos of the parties and let us know! We will invite them to our Flickr group of course, but also will have a use for them for future editorial projects -and offer a monetary incentive for party coverage in your stream, blog, and any media of your choosing. Ok, enough words! Just remember to come at the party today Friday 18th at 8 PM SLT with the wonderful DJ HaileyMarie Redrose! Because in the end, this is what matters: come have fun with the Sexiests!


New Exhibition : Aria Horan

Since our reboot in the new building, we’ve kept busy with parties, and making more use of the wonderful sim we are in. We thank you so much for your partecipation at yesterday party at the club, and we have lots more to come. Today, we invite you to attend another one of our ‘classic’ events set at the gallery: the opening for a new artist. It’s the turn of a clever woman, a strong personality, and a bit of a mistress of the dark ! We  are talking about Aria Horan.

I am sure I am not saying anything ground-breaking when I point out that Aria makes use of shadows like no other: her photos are a dream to display, so instantly charming and evoking sensuality and intrigue. But from this showcase we hope you’ll be able to catch also a glimpse of her brilliance in the erotic homage to particular historic and folkloric figures, and the way she brings to life exotic locations.

We like to pay homage to her art of this lady starting with the opening party, set today May 12th to begin at 7 PM SLT. Our DJ tonight will be again HaileyMarie Redrose! Come over, enjoy the fun surrounded by the artwork of Aria , together with Zoe Willows‘ work still on display in a contrast of styles from two of the most inventive artists we have had the pleasure to show off!


Gemini Studios’ first Official Pornstars Party – Today!

Today, Friday May 11th , we at Gemini Studios are proud to host on the wonderful Mirage sim, the first Official Pornstar party of its history! Starting at 8 PM SLT with DJ HaileyMarie Redrose!  And what’s better is that these will be weekly parties going forward to start your weekend off right!

The Sexiest Pornstars group in SL is the largest in-world community of adult photographers, filmmakers, and producers. It is full of individuals who want to have fun, enjoy the kinky aspects of SL and a wanton lifestyle, together with (and it never has to be an ‘either….or’ distinction) true lovers of the arts who do not shy away from a depiction of the explicit. The pornstars world in SL is far from being an industry that ‘sells’ sex, mass-producing for profit. On the contrary it is a vibrant community, where aspiring models and actors network to bring a constant flow of shared pictures and movies – the majority of which, I might add without trying to paint it as an attempt to nobilitate it, would never rank as ‘pornographic’ material by any RL standard.  We opened the experience of Gemini featuring the work of Ali Lancrae, editor of the group blog, and you can judge by yourself the artistic merits of many of what is often featured.

We do come from that background, and we embrace it. As part of the community life, the group has gatherings that can get a bit on the wild side, but often are simply events to go have fun and meet other like-minded people. It is a true pleasure and honor to be able to host one of the events from the group and it is our goal to bring entertainment and passion on a regular basis. You have seen our party photos in this blog. I think we fit in pretty well!

We’d like to thank again the gatekeeper and burgermeister of Mirage, Nicasio Ansar, who hosts regular events at the music venue with the Social Light group, which features pretty awesome DJs! We thank also the Sexiest Pornstars group dirty little girl DJ Moonie (Deka Teardrop), well aided by fellow gallery owner Tourdiddy.  And of course, our own DJ Hailey, who you’ll see and hear in action starting 8 PM SLT today!


Sloppy Seconds at Gemini!!

Okay, we refrained from -actually- titling the event that way but…we were tempted to! It was one of the crazy ideas that came up during the fun times at Zoe’s opening party last week. We had a great turnout and enthusiastic participation, to the point that, for our first time (but not the last, especially if you keep giving us such a warm feedback), we are doing another party with the same artist (and NEW additional exclusive photos) just the following week. So, we are waiting for you again today April 28th at 7 PM SLT, with DJ HaileyMarie Redrose and of course the artist on display herself, the sexy, talented, and extremely sponsorable Zoe Willows.

We do want to personally thank Zoe’s sponsors: behind those brand names there are real people who create beautiful and stylish content… and those people happen to control SL avatars who were a thrill for us to meet and see having fun and party!

At Gemini we take pride in the quality of the photography shown and its presentation – our new building made by Nicasio Ansar has been very well received and allowed us to showcase quite a few more photos without sacrificing visibility or cramping the space up. But we also take pride in the quality of the music performances during the shows. HaileyMarie Redrose was phenomenal as usual at the console, and put her signature on the party space with her own lights setup.

photo by Vicki Concertina

You can say that Sparklebottom as well worked the console, dancing on it at least, and put together a real light show…with her Lasertits!

But she did not expect that our chain gang sister (don’t ask) Katherine had access to a small arsenal. Soon it all escalated and the place was a crossfire of nipple beams with even a peen cannon thrown into the mix!

picture by Larry Vinaver – thanks Larry for the fun takes and all party banter!

Okay, well, I think I am driving the point across. The parties at Gemini are not your average gallery show, and while we sure love to dress up for the occasion, we never want to forget the main point of being in SL – and into the erotic arts’ scene! Don’t miss tonight’s party, it will be twice as fun! We will even have April in the flesh and not in the cardboard version…Although I admit I kinda prefer her, especially when tailored into a flipbook.

We hope to see you numerous at 7 PM with Hailey and her breakbeat tunes, celebrating Zoe and April‘s talent with a great party…and possibly an afterparty that could be even wilder than last time!  Meet and greet the artists, and remember that each exhibition has a guestbook for you to sign: not only it’s a nice way to leave a memento of the experience to your artist of choice, but also to provide a blurb for future articles and other projects. Also please feel free to take photos of our parties – and afterparties! Sorry, STILL thinking of those… – we will be happy to invite them to the Gemini Gallery flickr group, for a start! Okay, time to wrap this post up: please enjoy the party photos by Vicki, look for more on the gallery’s flickr account, and see you later!

party photos by Vicki Concertina