New Exhibition : Zoe Willows

We are back for a new exhibition, and new adventures! The volcanic demiurge Nicasio Ansar has been focused these past months on his amazing project The Rooms, a conglomerate of wonders in the sky of the very same sim Mirage sim that hosts our gallery. He turned back his attention to the landscape in this … Read more

New Exhibition : April Jestyr

First of all, thank you for the support and feedback on our previous exhibitions and parties, not to mention the first (hopefully of many!) project by Gemini Studios. Just before Valentine’s Day, here’s a real sweetheart for you on display at the gallery! You may remember her from Lustworld, certainly you will recognize her in … Read more

Iris’s Opening Day Party Photos!

We are ready for a new opening party, today Saturday 16th, with the fun-tastic Talisker Braveheart: the party area is all set up and of course DJ Nica spared no effort in that. We’ll start at 4 PM SLT. It’s particularly sweet (no pun intended) to have as the other exhibition still running at Gemini … Read more

New Exhibition : Talisker Braveheart

About time to have a new exhibition at Gemini Gallery, right? If you wondered what have been busy with since the latest opening party, you may want to check out the Gemini Studios section, through the bar at the top. The first movie production left us quite pleased to say the least, and we thank … Read more

New Exhibition : Iris Okiddo

Today at Gemini we open the exhibition of Iris Okiddo. Iris’s imagination is truly fascinating. She has a completely unpretentious and individual approach to art, ranging from dusky and moody photos, to the Sunday comic humor panels. She is a truly sensuous individual, and an amazing photographer, showing lots in her photos and yet leaving … Read more

Tati’s Opening Day Party Photos!

We are all set already for the new exhibition, opening tomorrow Tuesday 24th, at 11 AM SLT. A new timeslot and day for us, but same dj, the incomparable Hailey. Who will be our featured artist? It will be a sweet surprise… Meanwhile, here you have some photos from our latest weekend party, and what … Read more

Lylah’s Opening Day Party Photos!

Today, September 23, we will welcome you to a new and exciting exhibition with Tatiana Alexandra at 4PM SLT. She will get your motor running, I can promise you that! We had fun and enjoyed the atmosphere at our previous party in August, with Lylah Landar! We are especially grateful to our wonderful dj, HaileyMarie … Read more