Movie Party @ Gemini : Neon!

Right before Christmas, today December 21st Gemini is happy to gift-wrap one of our favourite type of event. At 7 PM SLT we’ll have a debut on the sim, a movie premiere featuring Mitzy Broadway‘s latest, Neon!

You can find more informations about the movie on the Official blog of the Sexiest group, the historic group gathering adult machinimists and artists from all over the grid.

It’s no secret that both Vicki and I have a great love for sci-fi, and enjoy tremendously the glamour and pure unadulterated fun that a movie premiere brings: in fact one of the happiest times together has been attending another movie premiere organized with Nicasio Ansar at our previous location, again for a sci-fi inspired movie, again by Mitzy with the collaboration and support of Rachel Avro.  Events like this are memorable, and are the rightful exclamation point to weeks, months even, of work for a director, bringing together a numerous cast.

As usual, we expect a nice crowd and for the occasion we chose to set up a special venue: part of the movie is set in a futuristic (well duh, the whole movie is in the future!) club called ‘The Pleasure Galaxy’. We greatly enjoyed the atmosphere of the club shown in the video, which also doubled as a stage for  a cool musical segment coreographed by Sasha Johansen, and we thought that it would be only fitting to party in that sort of enviroment. Vicki had so much fun decorating it in fact, that we might consider this as an experiment to start the phase II of our sim project…But I am getting ahead of myself.

What you need to know is, that we’re having a party following the movie premiere, which starts at 7 PM SLT. So, dress accordingly to maximize your fun (or come as you are, it’s really your presence that matters, after all!) and let’s have a memorable night at the movies!


New Exhibition: The Parthenea Mytilene Fantasy Collection

What do we have in store for the last new exhibition of the year? Let’s unveil it, including never seen before work!

Tonight at 7 PM SLT we’ll kick off with a party an exhibition from the Partee girl herself (or , to go Greek on her just as she likes, Parthenea Mytilene).

We have as unofficial title of this particular display ‘The Parthenea Mytilene Fantasy Collection‘. Why, you may ask. Not, because it’s pretty straightforward! One of the most universally loved people I have ever met (you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who does not admire her, respect her and enjoy her work and her bubbly persona), Partee is known for a taste for detail in decoration and outfitting that truly exalts the VERY notable features of her dreamy body. Fantasy themed photos are amongst the most popular work she does, and one theme we love to explore and present in world, introducing also new steps to this amazing journey through her syncretic pantheon of sexy!

Simply put then, come check out her wonderful photography and meet the artist today December 15th, at 7 PM SLT. HaileyMarie Redrose will be our DJ for the event, and it’ll be a blast, I can ASS-ure you that!

(Come on, you know I had to sneak one butt joke there).

New Exhibition: Vixxen Rainbow

And the big day is here! Grand opening and all! New artist, new exhibition, the official monthly party starting 7 PM SLT, at Gemini!

It’s time to fire off Vixxen Rainbow‘s amazing display!

A mix of naughty and nice that would deserve another x in her name, Vixxen is entertaining and creative in her artwork. We have a soft spot for artists who use colour well (how could she not, with a name like that?) and have a wild imagination. You never find a dull photo from her. On the extracurricular side, she’s got a hot bod, a lovely face and one stud of a boyfriend! Yep we’re shameless like that, it helps. :p

She’s going through a happily busy phase of her life, she’s facing it with new hardware that only improves the lively gorgeousness of her shots, and we couldn’t be happier to bring her pictures in world here at Gemini!

Swing by for her party, which will start at 7 PM SLT with the tunes from Hailey!

Sloppy Seconds at Gemini ! Stacia Reinoir

Today, November 9th, is Friday. Which means, at 8 PM SLT at Gemini it is party time! Which already should motivate you to join us. For all the exhilaration and debauchery typical of the weekly Sexiest® Group bash hosted by us and with the tunes of Hailey and Zuby…but, we have an added attraction! Yes, it’s time for the first dibs on Stacia Reinoir’s Totally Unofficially Called Sloppy Seconds !

We are always so overjoyed to bring a phase 2, ehm II to one of our exhibitions. For those who are not familiar with the concept: our exhibitions typically last 2 months, with new artists taking turns debuting the second Saturday of the month (hey, that is tomorrow! Yes , we’ll announce that too…). However, an artist never stops creating, and a few solid walls can contain only so many photos. That’s why for certain photographers it is possible and advised to shake things up and host a different, fresh batch of their artwork, with another full month of the rotation to go.

Stacia is obviously one of them: come to the party tonight and not only you’ll see new original pics she created, including a rather sneaky one that chronicles her presence at our location….you’ll in fact see a whole new exhibition. Which means, you have just hours to experience her photos in world the way they are now. Make sure you do before you join the party, when we will unveil the new show. 8 PM SLT. Do not miss it!

New Exhibition…AND more – Stacia Reinoir

Time to debut our featured artist for October, and that will happen today October 13th, at 7 PM SLT at one of our parties. Oh boy, this will be a -really- special one. You’d think I am saying that just to make it appear more interesting but no, keep reading.

Sooo, this time it’s our pleasure to bring to our sim a splendidly unique and sensual invididual, the one and only Stacia Reinoir.


Provocative in every sense of the word, Stacia got great acclaim and recognition in the DJ world before getting into the smutty pictures biz. And she has been doing pretty well, I’d say! Not only she captivates the imagination of thousands of followers with her beautiful creations – by which I also mean her work on her own avatar, which is such an inextricable part of what makes her style so striking and appealing, and the focus of her own production – but she is also the envy of plenty boys and girls being the girlfriend of one of the best directors on the scene, Zoey Winsmore!!!

Now, on Stacia’s big day I wouldn’t namedrop her gf no matter how hot without a reason. In fact, Zoey decided to surprise us by adding something truly special to this evening: it will be the debut of a solo movie she shot. Guess who is the protagonist? You’ll be able to watch this movie premiere today at the party as well, on our media screen or through the links – including one on Zoey’s Naughty Pixel Productions website.

No need to guess who will be our DJ for the party: HaileyMarie Redrose will bring us wonderful tunes (so Stacia and Zoey can relax…). It will all happen, remember, starting today at 7 PM SLT. Don’t miss out!

Movie Party @ Gemini: Carly & Dillon’s dual project!!

While we are waiting for the next photo exhibition next week, here at Gemini we take great pleasure featuring other kinds of photoplay! Yes, for our Friday night, Gemini is gonna take you to the movies again! For a very special double feature!

Today we are screening The Kitchen and The Neighbors by Carly & Dillon!

Two movies meant to be seen in unison, shot by a wonderful couple: they are so cute that they’d be sickeningly sweet if they weren’t also a lot of fun to be with! Dillon and Carly both have a great sense of humor and don’t take themselves and their role as the most prolific and awarded ‘pornstars couple’ seriously. In the past they already did a fun challenge, choosing a set together, and shooting there a video, each their own way. The result, “The Manly Way” and “The Girly Way”, is a creation absolutely unique in the world of adult machinima, and that can’t quite replicated…except of course from them, again, a couple years later! Starring themselves, Dillon Lecker’s “The Neighbors” and Carly Mode’s “The Kitchen” are both set at the same estate, with Alexandria Topax and Katina Cazalet playing 2 different sets of supporting characters.

We are going to party today, earlier than usual, starting after 7 PM SLT with the tunes of the lovely Zuby Gloom : If you haven’t visited her exhibition yet, this is the last week to do so!

New GRAND OPENING @ Gemini – The Minx Den!

When we began the adventure of the new sim, it has always been our intention to help other likeminded individuals out not just through our activities with gallery and party events and promotion, but also supporting different projects which we would not run directly. When a couple months ago we learned that our DJs and friends Hailey and Zuby were going to have to relocate their historic club The Abbey, it was only natural to offer them a home in this sim.

The results were somehow…surprising, but only up to a point. The work done by both landscaping and building The Abbey, a truly historic location in SL, was not exactly an easy one to replicate on a smaller scale without losing the original vibe. Therefore a fresh beginning was in order, a new home for Hailey, Zuby, and of course the djs of literally hundreds of Pornstars parties across the years, Ayara ‘Pinky’ Illios and Nakuru Bergamasco.

Therefore…The Minx Den was born! and it is having its grand opening TODAY September 23rd with a big party bringing aboard dj Yana Grau and the Head Minxstress herself, Hailey, for a party to remember! 

The ABBEY has been laid to rest, but from the ashes rises the MINX DEN, a brand new Retrowave-themed club focusing on the sensual, neon-drenched hedonism of the 1980s! What’s old is new again, and we’re celebrating the launch of the Minx Den with a Grand Opening party! 

To commemorate the event, we’re doing a photo contest with 1st, 2nd and 3rd CASH prizes of $5000L, $2500L and $1250L, respectively. Simply create your most EROTIC or XXX photo done in an 80s retro theme! The choice is yours. You can dress up, or just use Retrowave colors, design elements and styles, whichever you choose! Simply upload your photo to Flickr and add it to the The Minx Den group with the hashtag #retroXXX 

Partnering with us is the lovely Yana Grau on decks from 1-3, followed by club founder, builder and retrowave artist HaileyMarie Redrose from 3-5! The legendary GEMINI team will be there as well. Sure to be lots of fun, so don’t miss out! Come dressed in your favorite 80s attire, or come as you are 🙂 You know how we do it. 

SUNDAY, SEPT 23rd from 1-5PM!

The Den is a very special place: its unique vibe makes it a dream spot for DJs who are into retrowave, the 80s and all the genres this gnarly establishment can inspire. On top of that, it’s a generally beautiful hangout spot rich of pop-culture references, entertaining activities, from evergreen social games of SL hangouts like Greedy, to working arcade machines. To complete the set, a fully integrated private area has been added. Come and explore the Minx Den, you are in for a treat!

Pictures by Hailey!




Sloppy Seconds at Gemini: Zuby Gloom!

Today September 14th, at 8 PM SLT, it’s time for another event we have been really looking forward to!

The incredibly erotic (her sexy movies are even available on VHS tapes!) Zuby Gloom will give to a happy crowd of her admirers what she has been saving up, showing everything she’s got! You too, come over tonight for some Sloppy Seconds you’ll never forget!

Okay, really, it is not the name of the event… As usual there’s nothing sloppy about Zuby’s work, and this additional party was fully planned from the very beginning. In case you missed the previous ‘episodes’: we have opening parties with our featured artists on the second Saturday of a new month. But since we hold parties every Friday too, we offer the artist the possibility to do also a ‘second’ opening show, featuring more never-seen-before photos that add to the exhibition. Zuby has been simply great, and took so many of the photos also on our sim – not to mention, she took an entire photoset featured on the latest SL Unplugged magazine.

This ’round II’ of her exhibition is almost entirely a new one: not only you’ll see many pictures not yet published, but also the selection of works from her flickr was entirely revamped with different choices , just as gorgeous as the previous – heck, one of them is even an award winning one!

Today, 8 PM SLT, don’t you miss it !

8 PM SLT – The Return of Sparklebottom!

We had such a blast during the weekend at Gemini: a wonderful movie premiere  and a new artist, with all the excitement that all that means ! And next weekend may be just as action packed…but you’ll hear about it here soon! Meanwhile, to start the week in the most awesome way possible, we have the unique privilege to be able to announce an event made extra special by how much awaited it has been, but that finally is happening. Today September 10th, at 8 PM SLT , it’s time for the return of DJ Sparklebottom Lasertits!

Sparkle has been the life of the party many times throughout Gemini’s history…and not even being the dj herself. And this time we get to have her perform as such: she has a deep musical knowledge and her ability to connect with her audience is not limited to her brilliance as an entertainer.  It has been months since her last DJ set after her choice to take a step back from the multiple weekly commitments she had, and we feel honored that, after already doing something so special for our gallery as the landmark exhibition with her photography, she chose our club to get back to do what she always loved, hopefully not just for a one-off occasion.

See you all later at 8 PM SLT. With DJ Sparklebottom Lasertits!

New Exhibition: Brea Brianna

We’ve barely had time to clean up after the huge party we had yesterday on the sim (moving a 400’000 pounds steam locomotor with 2 wagons was straining, especially for the one who had to push it up the flight of stairs), and here we are now for our defining kind of event: the opening  of a new art exhibition! Today September 8th, at 7 PM SLT, it’s time to showcase the work of Brea Brianna.

An artist whose experience contributing to magazines (former cover artist for Attention Magazine, she is one of the most important talents at work for the multiple award winning Playdolls) is only rivaled by her record-breaking appearances as centerfold on virtually every adult publication in SL, the often imitated but never duplicated Brea is a one of a kind personality who channels in her art emotions, kinks, a love for trance music, jaeger bombs and socially relevant messages. All of it and more in her exhibition on display here, which will introduce, as per our standard now, new exclusive photos together with selected works from her flickr.

The party will start at 7 PM SLT, and our dj HaileyMarie Redrose promised “I’ll fill Brea’s Trance Cup till it overfloweth”. I don’t even know what that means, but sound like fighting words! Come over and have fun, we’ll be waiting!